Bahai Inspired Balloons and Party Items


And Decorations, and ribbon. Let your imagination soar.

A balloon is the most fun you can have with a kid for under a quarter –whether they are floating on a string, sent flying across a room or used to play slow-motion volleyball. So don’t save them for giving at parades and fair-booths, carry them in your purse or pocket to entertain kids while you teach their parents, take them to children’s classes or youth animator weekends (it is amazing how a balloon can energize a shy group of teenagers), or send them to school with your kids to celebrate Holy Days.  (Ever see how long you can keep a penny rolling inside a balloon? My son spun one for hours!)

Of course, you can still use these large #11 balloons  to decorate parties, fair booths & parade floats.  They add life, motion and color to any activity.  Coordinate the design with your display, posters, buttons, stickers, and T-shirts.  Rent a tank of helium and you will be the hit of the fair!

Other celebration materials include flags and decorations as well as ribbon and tags to decorate gifts.